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A Few Good Kidmen

Matt Gergeni

It's important, especially with new volunteers, to provide opportunities that are closely aligned with the volunteers' interests and skills so they don't become quickly overwhelmed or frustrated. When guys have a winning experience, they'll want to stay plugged in.

Provide flexible scheduling opportunities. Men will often avoid committing to serve in children's ministry because they feel their schedules are already too full. Help your prospective volunteers understand that you're not asking for a lifelong agreement signed in blood. Clarify the start and stop dates for any service you ask guys (or anyone) to do. And keep in mind that as companies hit by the harsh economy have reduced their staffing levels, employees are often called upon to complete an increasingly greater number of duties on a regular basis. And as men spend more time at work, they're less likely to volunteer their time at church. To combat this, provide midweek or other flexible volunteer options.

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According to Stephanie Blackman, a National Service Fellow at the Corporation for National Service who conducted extensive research on recruiting male volunteers, the most important thing to remember is that once you get the ball rolling, it'll pick up momentum.

"Consequently, one volunteer can create a ripple effect that may influence other volunteers," says Blackman. "Through this process, of course, a volunteer is often changed as well."

Matt Gergeni is the online content editor for He has over 15 years experience as a children's ministry volunteer and is blessed with three wonderful daughters and an amazing wife.

The Top Five Reasons to Recruit Male Volunteers
1. Guys provide a different kind of fun to a children's program.
2. Guys provide positive male role models for kids.
3. Guys provide a different perspective.
4. Guys can help move your ministry forward.
5. Guys bring in more guys.


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