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A Light in the Darkness

Theme: Christmas

Text: John 1:1-5

Preparation: Secretly give a flashlight to one adult.

The Message: (Have adults stand in groups of 10 or less. Encourage children not to run during this activity.)

Before Jesus was born, people were in darkness. (Dim or turn off the lights.) But when Jesus was born, a light shone in the darkness to give people hope and teach them about God.

Let's pretend we're in the days before Jesus. Let's see if we can find the light of Jesus. When you find the light, say, "I've found the light!" One group has the light, but other groups may pretend to have the light. (Have kids walk around the room looking for the light. Have older children hold the hand of a younger child. Have the person with the light turn on his or her light while the other group members try to conceal it. Once kids discover the light, turn on the lights, gather the children together and read the scripture.)

How did it feel to be in the darkness looking for the light? How did it feel when someone found the light? What did you do? How do you think people felt when Jesus, the light of the world, was born?

Let's remember that without Jesus, we'd still be stumbling around in the darkness and we wouldn't know who God is. Let's celebrate the light of Jesus at Christmas, and all year long.

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