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Adam and Eve

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A straight-forward approach to teaching Creation and the story of Adam and Eve to your children's ministry kids.

Read aloud Genesis 3. Then have kids act out the story. Afterward, have kids visit the following learning centers in different areas of the room.

Set out a platter of grapes. Allow children to touch and smell the grapes, but forbid children to eat any. Then have children talk about how difficult it is to look at the grapes but not eat any.

Ask: How do you think Eve felt when she saw a beautiful fruit she couldn't eat? What is something you've wanted but someone said you couldn't have? How did you feel?

Set out a glass-caged (non-poisonous) snake. Let brave kids handle the snake. Have kids practice crawling on their bellies like a snake. Then have children talk about how the serpent must've felt when he was cursed to crawl on his belly.

Ask: Why did God punish the serpent? Why did God punish Adam and Eve? Have you ever been punished for breaking a rule? How did you feel?

From a pile of scrap materials or sheets of newsprint, have children make new clothing for themselves as Adam and Eve had to. When children are finished with the learning centers, play a game of Hide and Seek with the children hiding from "God" you can play the part. Discuss how it felt to hide from God.

Ask: Have you ever done something wrong and wanted to hide so no one would find out? What did Adam and Eve do wrong? Why did God want them to follow his rules? (Focus on the fact that God loves us and wants us to be happy; following God's rules is the route to happiness.)

Let kids eat the grapes as they discuss temptation.

Ask: Have you ever been told not to eat some candy, but you really wanted to? Have you ever eaten candy even though someone told you not to?

Say: That's temptation; you were tempted to eat the candy. When you gave in to the temptation, you broke a rule. You disobeyed.

Ask: Have you ever been tempted to break another rule? If so, what? What helped you not give in to temptation? What happened if you gave in to temptation?

QUESTIONS! QUESTIONS! Ask children these types of questions to get them thinking about a Bible story:

These are very factual questions, such as "What did Jesus say to the Pharisees?" or "How many chariots were covered by the Red Sea?"

These questions develop higher levels of thinking. These include questions such as "Why did Peter start sinking as he walked on the water?" or "Why do you think God wanted the Israelites to stop complaining?"

These questions seek specific outcomes, such as "How can you serve your family this week?" or "Who is someone you need to love? What is one thing you can do this week to love that person?"

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