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Advertising Messages

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Preteen Pointers

Use this activity to raise preteens' awareness of what the media values in advertising. Before this activity, record various prime time TV commercials. (Hint: Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to get the newest commercials.)

Before class, write each of these words on a separate sheet of paper: beauty, health, money, popularity, and God. Tape the sheets to the walls throughout the room. Show the commercials one at a time. After each video clip, have kids determine what the message of the advertisement is and go stand under that word. Have kids explain why they felt the ad communicated the message they chose.

Afterward, discuss with kids whether God was left out of the commercials they watched. Have kids form groups to develop a commercial for God.

Here is a link you can use to view Super Bowl commercials.

Diane Tinkham
Westbrook, Maine

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