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Helping children understand unity in Christ on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Theme: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Text: Galatians 3:28 Best for: Grades K-6

Preparation: Use masking tape to mark off an area that's not quite large enough for all the children to sit in. Set three pillows in front of the masking tape area.

The Message:

Come on up kids, but don't sit on the pillows. That's the grown-up section. You can sit anywhere inside the tape line.

Let's have three adults join us. (Help children squeeze into the taped area. Have the adults sit on the pillows.)

Sorry it's a little crowded for you kids, but I can't let you sit in the grown-up section.

(Have more adults join you. Ask kids to stand to make room for adults in the taped area. Ask a few children to stand behind the taped area.)

How did you feel when you couldn't sit on the pillows? How did you feel when you had to give up your seat in the taped area?

What you've just experienced happened to black people all the time in the 1950s. They had to sit in separate areas, drink from separate drinking fountains, and go to separate schools-just because of their skin color.

But then a man named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped change our nation's laws so black people could be treated fairly. Dr. King was a pastor, and he knew that Jesus loves black people, white people, and people of all races.

(Read the Scripture.)

Let's rip up our tape line and join hands in a circle to show that we're all the same in Christ Jesus.

(Remove the tape, form a circle, and close in prayer.)

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