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Animal Song

A simple song and game that will help you show toddlers that God created the many animals of the world.


Sing this song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Lead babies and toddlers in your nursery in the motions in parentheses. After the song, ask children to tell you about their pets and favorite animals that God has created.

God made elephants,
(Use your arm to make an elephant trunk on your nose.)
Giraffes and little ants.
(Stretch your neck and make little crawly motions with your hands.)
God made all the animals,
(Stretch out your arms wide.)
Even all our pets.

God made cows and horses,
(Stop to moo and whinny.)
Monkeys, dogs, and cats,
(Scratch under your armpit like a monkey.)
God made all the animals,
(Stretch out your arms wide.)
Even all our pets.


Toddlers will enjoy this movement activity.

Make large posterboard animal shapes or collect stuffed animals. Use animals that'll be familiar to children, such as a cow, pig, horse, elephant, dog, or cat. Tape the animal shapes (or place the stuffed animals) in a circle on the floor.

Have children stand in the middle of the circle. Play fun music and call out an animal for children to run to and stand by. After children are standing by the correct animal, stop the music and ask them to make the sound that animal makes. Then, after each turn, *say: "God made (name of animal)."


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