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Baby Jesus


Christmas Insight: Teaching preschoolers that Jesus was a real baby.

Preschoolers need to understand that Jesus was a real person born as a real baby. Nativity scenes are good, but a doll in a manger isn't enough.

Every Christmas, I bring in the youngest baby boy in our church. If the mother wants to, she comes along, too. We have our preschoolers sit in a circle. The mother either holds the baby or we lay him on a blanket in the center of the circle.

I say, "Jesus was a real baby. Do you have a baby at your house? Are you going to have a baby at your house soon? What do babies do? Do you think Jesus ever messed his diaper? cried because he was hungry? got a diaper rash? How do you think Jesus felt when he was a baby?"

I ask many other questions to help children see that Jesus was a real baby-just like them. If the children are healthy and the mother agrees, I also let them hold the baby and touch him. Preschoolers love to hold a baby's tiny hand.
Judy Wilder
Naperville, Illinois

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