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Being Flexible

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Supplies: You'll need three Bibles, rubber bands, paper, and pens.

Use this active devotion with your team as part of the team building process

Opening Activity

To begin this devotion, have everyone do stretching exercises, such as stand and touch your toes with feet spread apart; stand, cross feet, and touch your toes; and sit on the floor, legs together, and touch your toes.

Afterward, ask: How flexible are you? How does this compare to a time in your life when maybe you were a little more flexible? What factors contributed to your great flexibility now or in the past?

Ask: What things have you dealt with recently where you needed flexibility to adjust? How does your physical flexibility compare with how flexible you're feeling about that? What factors can contribute to your flexibility in this issue?

Say: Take a rubber band and stretch it. Think about one area related to your ministry or life that you'll need to be more flexible in. It might be lack of adequate meeting space, crazy Christmas schedules, or something else.

Say: Get in three groups. Share that area with your group. When you're finished sharing, look at the assignment sheet I'm giving you and complete the assignment.

Group 1
Read Luke 6:20-23. Rewrite these verses in the context of who'll be blessed by being flexible. For example, "Blessed are those who don't complain, but happily endure hardship." Write at least four blessings.

Group 2
Read Luke 6:24-26. Rewrite these verses in the context of who'll have woe by not being flexible. For example, "Woe to you who grumble and complain behind people's backs, for you shall lose all your friends." Write at least four woes.

Group 3
Read Luke 6:27-31. Rewrite these verses in the context of instructions for all of us in being flexible. For example, "Love busy people. Do good to them and wish them well." Write at least four instructions.

Once all the groups are finished, have them read their new verses in order -- 1, 2, 3. After the reading, have everyone crunch together closely.

Pray: God, please pour out your grace to us when we're in need of flexibility. Help us shower your grace on the people around us. Amen.

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