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Best Practices in Family Ministry

We asked children's ministry and family ministry leaders for their #1 idea to minister to families. You won't believe how easy some of these are!


There are many facets to family ministry-whether your church is embarking on a churchwide initiative, you're celebrating kids' faith milestones, or you're simply looking for small ways to incorporate families into what your ministry is already doing. We asked children's ministers for their best, most effective idea or insight for family ministry-and now we've compiled a potpourri of fantastic family ideas for you.

Family Worship Sunday
In the months that have five Sundays, the fifth Sunday is Family Worship Sunday. On that day, our senior pastor and I co-lead the sermon. I bring props, object lessons, and visuals, and we have kids sit up front. The pastor and I work together to create a service that's interesting and engaging for adults and the kids. We incorporate some of our typical children's ministry experiences and have everyone participate.

These special Sundays have been very effective at giving parents and other adults in the church a glimpse into what goes on in children's ministry. We've been able to increase our volunteer pool, see families get more involved at church and at home, and keep children's ministry in front of our congregation. One of the greatest things about Family Worship Sunday is our entire church sees how our pastor is onboard with children's ministry by opening the sanctuary for us to worship and learn together.
Lisa Messer

Volunteer Connections
Keeping in touch with families on a regular basis has been a key goal of our family ministry efforts. One of the best things we've done is have all our volunteers make a connection with families. We simply split our ministry kids among our children's ministry volunteer base. Each volunteer has about 10 kids. Volunteers make contact with the child's family every week. How they do it is up to the volunteers-they might send a card, pay a visit, make a phone call, or send an email. We just want families to know they're important to us, they have many friends here, and our ministry cares.
Lisa Messer

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