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Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord (from the Ready-to-Do Children's Ministry Messages Kit (Group Publishing, Inc.))

Basic Belief: Worship
Theme: We can celebrate our love for God with praise.
Scripture: "Praise the Lord! It is good to sing praises to our God; it is good and pleasant to praise him" (Psalm 147:1).
Preparation: You'll need a Bible, the shiny ribbons from the Message Kit box (or substitute 10 6-inch ribbons per child), drinking straws, and tape.

Message Starter
Have children sit in a circle. Ask:
• What special days do you like to celebrate?

• How do you celebrate on those special days?

Say: We celebrate special days all through the year. And we can celebrate our love for God.

• When can we celebrate our love for God?

Say: We celebrate our love for God every week in church, and we can celebrate our love for God on other days, too! In fact, let's celebrate right now! We'll make celebration sticks to use for our celebration.

Give each child a drinking straw and about six to ten ribbon strands from the Message Kit box. Show kids how to tape the ribbon strands to one end of the straw to make a celebration stick. Make sure to make a celebration stick for yourself.

When each child has made a celebration stick, have kids put their sticks on the floor in front of them.

The Message
Say: Good job! You know, when we celebrate God's love for us, it's called praising God.

• How do you think God feels when we praise him?
• How do you feel when you praise God?
Say: In the Bible, the book of Psalms talks a lot about praising God. Have a child read Psalm 147:1 aloud. Then ask:
• Why is it good to praise God?
• How can we praise and celebrate God's love right now?

Say: Singing is a great way to praise God and celebrate his love for us. Let's celebrate!

Have kids wave their celebration sticks and lead the congregation in singing one of your church's favorite simple praise songs. If possible, coordinate before the service with your music director to help you with this portion of the children's message. Or have a tape or CD cued to the praise song you've selected, and have an adult helper begin the music at your signal.

Encourage kids to take their celebration sticks home to remind them to praise God.

Extra Idea!

For extra fun, lead the children in a walk around the sanctuary as you sing and celebrate. Who knows? Maybe the adults will join in the parade!


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