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Bible Story

Make a "fishing pond" by placing a circle of blue fabric on the floor. Lay small rocks around the pond. Cut out large construction paper fish and attach a paper clip to each fish. Scatter the fish around the pond.

Make "fishing poles" by tying one end of a 2-foot piece of string to a small magnet and stapling the other end to a yardstick or 3-foot stick. Give each child a pole to reel in the paper fish.

After all the fish are caught, give each child several small construction paper squares. Help children glue the colorful pieces to one of their fish to make a fish mosaic.

Then read and discuss any of the following stories: Jesus calls his disciples to be fishers of men (Matthew 4:18-22); Peter's great catch of fish (Luke 5:1-11); or Jesus cooks breakfast for the disciples (John 21:1-14).

Kids may want to go fishing again!

Carolyn Beyer
Bloomington, Illinois


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