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Birth of Jesus: Grades 3 and 4

Bible Activity: Waiting Game-As kids arrive, tell them you have a special surprise for them, but it's not here yet. Keep building up the surprise for at least five minutes as kids wait. Finally, have someone bring in refreshments. Then *ask: How did you feel as you waited? Was it easy or difficult to wait? Explain. Was the wait worth it? Why or why not?

Read aloud Luke 2:1-20. Then *ask: How do you think the people who had waited for Jesus felt when he was born? Was their wait worth it? Why or why not? Do we have to wait for Jesus today? Why or why not?

Craft: Spackled Wrapping Paper-Have kids cut out construction paper symbols such as a scroll, star, manger, angel or shepherd's staff. Have them arrange the symbols on large pieces of butcher paper. Using two spray bottles-each filled with half water and half tempera paint-have kids spray the paper. Let it dry. Have kids remove the shapes and draw around the outlines with a metallic pen or sparkle paint to help the images stand out. Give each child a piece of the wrapping paper to take home.

Snack: You'll need: Have children each bring several apples or oranges. Have sliced fruit and punch on hand.

Directions: Gather all your classes together and have children bring their unsliced fruit. Lay a sheet on the floor and use yarn to make a tree outline on the sheet. Have children work together to create a Christmas fruit tree within the outline.

This lesson was created for GRADES 3 AND 4.

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