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Building Faith at Home

Tracy Carpenter


Parents and kids are closer than ever, according to a study conducted by Just Kid, a research, strategy, and innovation company. Consider these parent-child relationship snapshots.

• 69 percent of moms with young teenage girls call their daughters their "best friend."

• 51 percent of moms say they listen to their kids more than their parents did.

• 53 percent say they spend more time talking to their children than their parents did.

• 82 percent of kids give input on the clothing their mom wears.

• 91 percent of parents and kids discuss personal safety issues.

• 72 percent of parents and kids talk about religion.

Source: Just Kid


Use this checklist to guide you in partnering with parents. Am I dedicating a large part of my focus to partnering with parents?

• Am I creating a safe atmosphere for parents to share openly?

• Am I creating an infrastructure where parents feel supported in crisis?

• Am I assuming the best about parents?

• Am I giving parents a forum where they can relate to other parents?

• Am I educating the parents in my church?

• Am I dedicating time to learn about today's culture?

• Am I keeping up with the issues kids face today?

• Am I a resource to parents when it comes to kids today?

• Am I approachable?

• Am I sending home accurate information on a regular basis about what kids are learning?

• Am I supporting single moms and dads?

• Am I reminding parents to seize every moment?

• Am I reminding parents of the impact they have on their children's spiritual development every day, no matter what?


Consider these philosophical shifts in parenting over the past few decades.


• Kids' hands might've been slapped for handling the family's new VCR.

• Parents had all power and control; kids were to be seen and not heard.

• Children were often considered an "incidental" of adulthood and marriage; not an end, but part of the package.


• Parents eagerly hand over their new, outrageously expensive tech gadgets for their kids to program and personalize.

• Kids have plenty of control-whether it's purchasing power, digital expertise, or headline-making abilities. Kids today have a voice, and their parents recognize it…and frequently seek it out.

• Many parents consider their children to be the "crown jewels" of their lives, going to extreme measures to bear, pamper, educate, protect, and befriend them.


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