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Candy Connections

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Discovering God is a sweet experience no matter how old you are. This devotion is designed to help children remember to look and see God's hand in everything from creation to candy.

Theme: God connections
Text: Romans 1:20
Preparation: You'll need a different package of candy or a candy bar for each child and a Bible.

The Message: (Give each child a different candy.) In two minutes, analyze your candy bar's wrapper. What does it look like? What does it say? How is what's on your wrapper like or unlike your faith relationship with God?

(Kids may discover that a package of Skittles candy has a rainbow that reminds them of God's covenant, or that all the candy has an expiration date just as we do, but God gives us eternal life.)

Turn to a partner and take 30 seconds to tell what you discovered. (Time partners to tell them when to switch.)

I'd like to hear what you came up with. (Have kids quickly call out the connections they discovered.)

(Read aloud the Scripture.) If we look closely enough around us in nature and all of our world, we can find things that remind us of God. This week, try to find one thing around you every day that reminds you of your faith relationship with God.

Kim Estes
Stuart, Nebraska

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