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Craft: Christmas Tree Ornament

Preschoolers and their parents will treasure this Christmas craft.

Two to three weeks before Christmas, take a photo of each child in your class. Have these pictures developed. Bring an instant-print camera for visiting children on the day the craft is made.

During the craft time, display old Christmas cards. Have children each choose one card. Give children their photographs.

Help children trace a 3-inch circle over a picture on their card and and a 2-inch circle over their photograph. You could use the base of a jar or a cardboard cut-out as a pattern. After kids trace their circles, have them cut out each circle. Younger preschoolers will need help cutting.

Kids can then glue the backs of their photos and cards together. Use a red or green marker to write the year above and "Merry Christmas" below their photo. Cover both sides with clear Con-Tact paper and trim the edges. Help kids punch a hole through the top of the ornament and tie a ribbon through the hole.

Pam Zimmerman
Delta, Ohio

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