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Craft: Larger Than Life

Have your children work together to create an unforgettable Easter play with these giant puppets. Children will make the puppets, write the script, and perform the play.

To make each puppet, you'll need a broom or string mop, a large sheet of poster board, art supplies, one 36-inch-long dowel, duct tape, a long-sleeved adult shirt or oversized dress, and varied clothing and accessories.

Have kids invert the broom and cut out a large poster-board head. Have them decorate each head to represent a character in the Easter story. While children decorate the puppet's head, tape the dowel to the broom to create shoulders and arms. Tape the finished head to the broom and have kids dress the puppet's "body."

Working the puppet requires a child to climb inside the puppet's shirt or dress and hold onto the broom handle in front of his or her chest. Have puppeteers practice moving with the puppet.

To write the script, children can create a paraphrased version of the Easter story or place it in a modern-day setting. Children may even decide to do a music video. Encourage them to be creative and to dig into the Bible story so they understand what Easter is all about.

It's show time! Invite families and other church members to view children's creations. Or, better yet, have kids present their puppet play on Easter morning in the worship service.

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