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Craft: Popcorn Ornament

Stuff you'll need: Thin wire, styrofoam packaging "popcorn," curling ribbon, and scissors.

Get ready: Cut wire into 18-inch pieces.

Tell kids to:
*String plastic foam popcorn pieces onto the wire. Leave about one inch empty on both ends of the wire.
*Twist the two wire ends together. Bend the circle of popcorn pieces into a heart shape.
*Add curling ribbon to the top of the heart to decorate it. Curl the ends of the ribbon.

Talk teasers: Have children look at the hearts they've made.

*Ask: Are these hearts strong or fragile? Fragile means they can be broken very easily. What would happen if you stepped on this heart? What happens when we're mean to others or hurt their feelings? How can we treat others as though their hearts are fragile?

Read aloud Ephesians 4:32.

Lynne Hartke
Chandler, Arizona

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