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Craft: Sailboats


Stuff you'll need: For each child, glue, a plastic-foam sandwich box (cut in half), a 5 1/2X11-inch plastic-foam meat tray, an empty thread spool, a thin straw and card stock cut into the shape of sails and flags.

Tell kids to:
*Glue the plastic-foam sandwich-box-half upside down to the upper side of the meat tray to make the ship and its cabin.
*Glue the spool to the top of the sandwich box.
*Put the straw through the hole in the spool and punch it into the top of the sandwich box-but not through the meat tray.
*Glue the sails to the straw "mast."

Talk teasers:
Go to a lake or pool. If you don't have access to either of these, fill a small wading pool with water. Have kids test the sea-worthiness of their sailboats. Then tell them the story of Paul's voyage from Acts 27.

Ask: How do you think Paul and the sailors felt during the storm? How did God take care of the people on the ship? What are some "storms" or hard things that threaten to shipwreck our lives? How can we trust God to take care of us during those storms?

Tom Fethe
Knoxville, Tennessee

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