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Craft: Very Valentines

Children's Ministry Magazine

These special valentines give families the chance to reconnect and combine their talents to share love with others. You'll need a variety of colors of paper preprinted with a heart outline, crayons, pastels, erasers, chalk, rulers, a cutting surface, X-Acto knives (for adult use only), scissors, card stock, glue sticks, and decorative pens.

Have each family member choose a different color of preprinted paper and then creatively decorate the heart with patterns. Here are ideas.

  • Use crayons, chalk, and pastels to draw polka dots or lines all over the hearts.
  • Use erasers to lighten areas of the paper.

From "Age Level Insights 3 to 5" featured in the January/February 2009 issue of Children's Ministry magazine...

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