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Craft: Weaving in the Round

Children's Craft Idea For Students in Grades K-3

Stuff you'll need: Plastic lids from coffee or Kool-Aid cans, scissors, thick yarn, cardstock, and fabric or plastic.

Get ready: Cut columns of 1/2-inch-wide slits from one edge of the lid to the other, with 1/2-inch width between slits in each column and 1/2-inch width between each column of slits. (See illustration.)

Tell kids to:
*Cut long 1/2-inch-wide strips from the assorted materials.
*Begin at one end and weave your strips through the slits.
*Be creative with your textures. You may want to leave some of the ends of the materials hanging loose.

Bible Activity: Read Exodus 35:35.

Say: God gave the people great weaving skills. God gives people skills. What are skills you're good at? (Have kids each tell several things they're good at.) Let's thank God for giving us so many wonderful skills.

Debbie Trafton O'Neal
Kent, Washington

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