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Creative Creation

Creative -creation

Let kids exercise their creative juices as they learn about God's creation.

Scripture: Genesis 1:3-27
You'll Need: 8½ x 11 white card stock, crayons, paper clips, and a Bible

  • Read Genesis 1:3-5. Give children each a sheet of card stock and tell them they're going to create a scratch art picture of God's creation.
  • Read Genesis 1:6-8. Have kids color the top one-third of their paper blue.
  • Read Genesis 1:9-10. Have kids color the middle third green. On the bottom one-third of the paper, have kids draw one half brown and one half blue.
    Have kids use a black crayon to thickly cover the entire page. Give each child a paper clip, and help children unfold one end of the paper clip to use as a scratching tool.
  • Read Genesis 1:11-13. Have kids scratch off plant shapes on their paper.
  • Read Genesis 1:14-19. Have kids scratch off the moon and stars.
  • Read Genesis 1:20-23. Have kids scratch off fish shapes on the lower half of the paper.
  • Read Genesis 1:24-25. Have kids scratch off animal shapes on the lower half of the paper.
  • Read Genesis 1:26-27. Have kids scratch off people on the paper.

Ask kids to show one another their creations as they talk about their favorite things that God created.

This activity is part of the camp idea "Camp Can-Do" which was excerpted from Children's Ministry Magazine. Subscribe today!

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