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Creative Music Ideas

Using music to help manage your children's ministry classroom

1. If children are extremely excited or unmanageable, play music with a slow tempo. It will help quell their emotions.

2. Play peppy music to lift children from their doldrums if they seem tired and lethargic.

3. As children enter the classroom, have classical music playing in the background. This exposes children to the "masters." Children may even develop some musical awareness. Or use other background music of your preference.

4. Play a familiar song, such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," and ask older kids to write new lyrics to fit a theme such as Easter or Thanksgiving or a Bible story such as the good Samaritan.

5. With younger children, use action songs or finger plays with music to illustrate a story.

6. Use songs to help children learn each other's names. Many music books have songs that incorporate children's names.

7. Use clapping, dancing or other actions to give children a break from the routine.

8. Use music to reinforce learning. For example, I remember the story of Zacchaeus climbing the sycamore tree because I sang it so often in my Sunday school classes as a child.

9. Help kids memorize with music. Some music books have songs based on the psalms and other Bible verses. You can find songs based on the Lord's Prayer and the names of all the Bible books.

10. Use music to help children develop good listening skills. Ask children to listen to music and identify repetitive phrases, notes that sound good together or notes that are dissonant (sound bad to them).

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