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Cupcake Decorating Ideas

From frogs to bunblebees, these fun and creative cupcake decorating ideas are sure to be a hit with your Sunday school class at snack time.

Use this list of cupcake decorating ideas to spark your volunteers' creativity.

Frog: Ice a cupcake with thick green icing. Cut one green gumdrop in half and squirt one round drop of white icing near the narrow end of each half to make eyes. Position the eyes on the top half of the cupcake. Add a four-inch piece of curled red licorice strip to the bottom for the frog's tongue.

Heart: Ice a cupcake with white, pink, or red icing. Use two equal-size pieces of red licorice strips to create a heart shape in the center of the cupcake. Decorate the inside of the heart with sprinkles or other icing colors.

Bumblebees: Ice a cupcake with chocolate icing. Leaving a 1-inch space on one side of the cupcake for the bee's face, draw four horizontal yellow icing lines about 1/4-inch apart to create the bee's yellow stripes. Cut one small marshmallow in half, add a black dot to each half for the bee's eyes, then position the marshmallow eyes on the bee's face. Cut a large marshmallow in half diagonally for wings, and place the wings in the center of the bee's back. Add a 1-inch black licorice strip piece on the bee's bottom for a stinger.

Crazy Creation: Mix and match all colors of icing and various sprinkles for a mixed up, crazy creation.

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