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David and Goliath: Grades 1 to 3

Bible Activity: Mission Impossible-Form two teams. Put stronger children on one team. Then bring out a long rope. Have teams compete in a Tug of War.

Afterward, *ask: How did you feel during this game? Was it fair or unfair? Explain.

Paraphrase the story from 1 Samuel 17.

*Ask: How do you think David felt when he faced the giant? Was this contest fair or unfair? Explain. How did God help David? What are some giants in your life you must overcome? How can God help you?

Craft: Giant Steps-Using butcher paper, have kids each make a giant footprint and write their name on it. In the center of their footprint, have them each write the biggest giant they're facing. Then have kids write on each others' footprints words of encouragement or drawings of how God can help them overcome their giant. Encourage kids to hang these footprints in their room at home.

Snack: You'll need: Pop rock candy or rock candy.

Directions: Give kids the candy as a reminder of the rock that David threw to kill Goliath. Close in prayer with children taking turns to ask God to help him or her overcome a personal giant or problem. 
Contributors: Cindy Newell, Christine Yount Jones, and Terry Vermillion

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