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De-Stress Before You Distress

Lesleigh Keetch

Less-Stressful Recruiting

Keep these tips in mind to sidestep recruiting-related stress.

  • Make personal connections. Recruiting is often the hardest part of ministry. Personal contact is your best avenue to make connections with people that may lead to a fruitful crop of volunteers. Much of your legwork will be done if you've taken the time to build relationships with people before you tap them for service.
  • Make visibility a priority. Ministry fairs, bulletin inserts, and good news announcements throughout the year keep your ministry visible and familiar to your entire congregation. When it's time to recruit, you'll have already advertised what your ministry's about.
  • Be choosey. Go for the best of the best when recruiting. Steer clear of complainers who'll focus on the negative. Gather volunteers who are fun, happy, and dedicated to helping children grow close to Jesus.

Cash-Strapped Worry Lines

Tight budgets and funding shortfalls can be a constant source of concern in an arena where it seems there's never enough construction paper or animal crackers. Use these tactics to conquer cash issues.

  • Lobby for your needs. "There's always something -- playground upgrades, equipment breaking," says Dawn Engleman, a children's minister in Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania. "If a surprise arises, I write a proposal with cost estimates." Documentation is often the best way to prove you need better funding. Write professional proposals with cost estimates and solutions for funding sources, such as fund-raising, offerings, and general funds. Organized information helps those willing to donate time or money feel confident that the task will be accomplished in an effective way -- upping your chances for support.
  • Shine your image. The more you demonstrate your ministry's vital role in your church, the less likely you are to suffer funding woes. Publicize successes. Keep your kids visible in your church's mind.
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