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De-Stress Before You Distress

Lesleigh Keetch

  • Connect with your community. Go to secular sources or businesses for funding help. Talk about your plans and needs. Someone not connected to a church may be looking for an opportunity to give back -- whether through goods or monetary donations.
  • Stress-Free Staff Relations

    Here's hoping your staff relations are a source of joy -- not distress. You can strengthen staff relations and sidetrack stress with these pointers.

    • Collaborate with your team. Even veteran children's ministers learn something new every day. You've collected a team of intelligent, caring volunteers, so why not gather their insights into how to improve your ministry? Plan "potluck" meetings to discuss strategies for success, and invite each volunteer to bring an idea to the table.
    • Supply resources. Always being "on call" is tough. So take some of the pressure off by duplicating yourself and your expertise through supplies and resources that help your volunteers. Provide resources and training so your volunteers have access to new ideas-even if you're not available for brainstorming sessions.
    • Foster community. Get together with volunteers and their families outside your ministry. Sharing food and time together strengthens bonds between people and encourages healthy work relationships.


    Our hats are off to teachers, who deal with stress from several different angles. So whether it's quashing misbehavior or growing in assertiveness, here are the top tips from veteran children's ministers.

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