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De-Stress Before You Distress

Lesleigh Keetch

Cool and Composed Classrooms

Classroom management can be the most stressful and frustrating aspect of your ministry. Here's what the veterans say about keeping a grip on classroom management.

  • Focus on the positive. A kind word, a smile, a compliment, or a pat on the back lets children know they're doing well and their efforts are appreciated.
  • Set rules. Establish three to five general rules at the beginning of the year. Make sure kids understand the rules and the consequences. Send copies home so parents also have a role in helping kids with accountability.

Preparation Anxiety

Stay prepared -- and stress-free with these tips.

  • Relax. Realize that you can never be totally prepared for everything that'll come up, and relax. Be flexible. Have faith that your kids are excited to learn.
  • Pace yourself. Some people complete tasks immediately to avoid stress. Others procrastinate and seem to work best under pressure. Either way, stay focused, energized, and enthusiastic when you're preparing. And take breaks. Close your eyes and visualize calm and peaceful images during your preparations.
  • Get kids and parents to help. Let kids organize supplies and your classroom so they have more ownership. Let parents know how they can help, either by volunteering or donating supplies.

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