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Does God Live in Our Church?

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A great way to help kids understand the omnipresence of God.

Theme: God is always with us

Bible Reference: Acts 17:27

Simple Supplies:

You'll need a Bible and several phone books (one for every three to four children, if possible.) Hold up one of the phone books. Who can tell me what this is? Pause. That's right, it's a telephone book. Flip the book open to a page of listings. What do you find in a phone book? Pause. Inside a phone book, we find the names of all the people who live in or near our city. Along with each name is a phone number and the address of the house the person or family lives in.

Distribute the phone books to kids so each child can be near one. Flip through your phone book to see whether you can guess how many houses are in our city. Pause briefly for the children to flip through the pages. Have children guess how many houses might be in their city.

I don't know exactly how many houses are in [name of city], but there are a lot of them. Turn to your neighbor, and tell him or her where you live. If you don't know your exact address, tell your friend something about your house.

As kids share, retrieve the phone books. Open your Bible to Acts 17:27. The Bible says in Acts 17:27 that "God…is not far from each one of us." That means God is with each one of us at the same time, no matter where we are. God doesn't have a body like you or I do, so he doesn't have to be in just one place at a time. The Bible tells us that God isn't far from each one of us, so God has to be everywhere!

God is with us when we are in our house. Let's see how many houses that would be if we just count those of us here at the front. Have the children count off, each child giving a number.

That's [number of children] houses that God is in! Now turn around, and look at the other families here at church today. Pause briefly for the children to look at the congregation. God is in each of those houses, too. Boy, that's a lot of houses!

But God is not just in each of our houses. Acts 17:27 says, "God…is not far from each one of us." That means God's with us everywhere. Even if we leave our houses, God is with us!

We call our church "God's house" because we come here to worship him. But that doesn't mean this is the only place we will find God. God is with us everywhere we go. Let's thank God for always being with us.

Dear God, thank you for always being near us. We are so glad that you are everywhere! In Jesus' name, amen.



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