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Drama Cues

Dress up in biblical garb to deliver this one-person play, adapted from Acts 20:7-12.

"I heard this guy screaming. I thought, why's some guy screaming in the middle of the night? He's going to wake up everyone. Perhaps he's having a nightmare. Then I saw the ground coming up at me fast. (Wide-eyed.) It was definitely a rude awakening. The guy screaming was me! BAM! I hit the ground.(pause) Let me start this story a little earlier.

"I'd worked all day, and I just wanted to go to bed when a friend dropped by and said to me, 'Eutychus, (yoo ti kus) get out of your big llama's-fur bed and let's go hear this guy named Paul.'

"I was pretty tired, but I agreed. It's not everyday in Troas (tro s) that we get a great speaker. When we got there, the place was packed. I sat in the windowsill. (Look down.) Whoops! Do I really want to sit here? We're three stories up. If the crowd pushes a little more, I could be out the window...down...SPLAT. Naaah! That wouldn't happen to me. Nothing ever happens to me.

"Anyway back to Paul. He said, 'God loves you. He cares what happens to you. That's why you're here tonight. God wants you to know Him.' The way this guy was speaking, I felt that he really cared about what happened to me. And I got the feeling that God really cared about what happened to me, too. Paul told us that he was the one who had persecuted the Christians even to the point of killing them, but then Paul had met Jesus, the son of God.

"Paul said Christ died on the cross for our sins. He said we had to decide what we were going to do. I could never forget about that. I wanted to know that after I died I would live in heaven for all eternity. I wanted to know Christ.

"Paul went on speaking for what seemed forever and ever. (Yawn while saying this.) It was hot in there with all those people. I was so sleepy. Then...(SCREAM) I heard this man screaming. It was me. I had gone to sleep and fallen out of the window. Next thing I knew Paul himself was laying on top of me, praying over and over, 'Lord, have mercy on me and this young man. Please bring him back to life.'

"My friend told me later that I had been dead and that Paul…nope…that God brought me back to life. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, that day Christ gave me not only my physical life, but also my spiritual life."

Cathy Ricchuiti
Del Rio, Texas

With a little imagination and a few pointers, you can transform any drama into a script for young puppeteers! Follow these expert tips:

•Keep the play short and simple. Most scripts are too long for younger children to perform. Ask yourself: What's the main point this play is trying to get across? Cut whatever you can and still get the point across.
•Humor can be a great tool. However, use it only if it helps the audience see a truth in a new light.
•Scripts should have a biblical theme tied to a Bible verse. Your young performers should know the verse and understand what they're trying to convey.
•Have as few characters as possible. Elementary-age children do better with smaller casts. If you have a dozen kids, divide the script into three small plays with separate casts instead of having one large production.
•Avoid scenery changes or long delays. Distractions in the middle of a play cause the audience's and performers' attention to stray.
•Keep the lines short. If necessary, break up a character's long lines by giving another character something to say in the middle.

Norman Styers
Bethany, Oklahoma

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