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Eggstra Protection

Kids often need help understanding that God protects us and keeps us safe. This devotion shows how God's love will protect us in all things.

•Theme: God's protection
•Text: Psalm 91:1-2
•Preparation: You'll need an empty pint-sized milk carton, cotton balls, a raw egg, strapping tape, and a bowl. Add cotton balls to fill the milk carton 1/3 full. Carefully place the egg in the center of the carton, cover the egg and completely fill the carton with cotton balls. Tape the opening shut.
•The Message: (Sit in a circle.) I put an egg in this milk carton. What do you think will happen if we toss it to each other? (Toss the milk carton to a child and have that child toss the carton to another child. Continue until each child has tossed it.)

Let's see what happened to the egg. (Open the milk carton and remove the egg, being careful not to show the cotton balls. Crack the egg into the bowl.) Why do you think the egg didn't break? (Show kids the cotton balls.) How did the cotton protect the egg?

(Read the Scripture.) What do these verses say about God? How does God protect us and keep us safe?

(Close in prayer, thanking God for his protection.)

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