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One Book, One Church

Monthly reading clubs such as a "One Book, One Church" program are a great way to involve your church families and spice up your children's ministry. You may want to select several books so kids of all ages can participate. Here are tips to get you started.

Volunteers' Choice-Volunteers vote on a selection of books each month, or the "volunteer of the month" gets to select the book.

Kids' Choice-Each month, kids cast their vote on the book they want to read. You can alternate this with "Parent's Choice," "Sister's Choice," and "Brother's Choice" months.

Best Sellers-Choose the book based on the best-sellers list. Bestsellers' Lists:

Classics-Have people nominate their all-time favorite tome in one sentence. Then choose one of those books each month.

Christian or Mainstream?

There are tons of wonderful Christian books for families-in fact, we've listed some of our current favorites. Our recommended books offer strong biblical lessons and wonderful writing. They also reinforce Christian beliefs. But keep in mind that many secular books also offer strong moral messages that can easily be incorporated into your lessons. You may be surprised by the way families make their own biblical connections to secular stories, so don't shy away from choosing mainstream books-just carefully screen each book beforehand.

Buy the Book

Publicize the book club throughout your congregation. Emphasize that it's open to everyone, not just those with children. Bookworms are everywhere, and some of your seniors and singles may want to get involved as discussion-group leaders and organizers-publicize in your bulletin, newsletters, on posters, and from the pulpit.

Go to for more tips to make your book club a page-turning success.

Our Picks

Good books abound! Here are some of our current favorites you may want to share with your congregation.

Two by Two: The Story of Noah's Ark by Allia Zobel-Nolan. Young children can take part in this interactive retelling of Noah's adventure. $10.99; Kregel KidZone; 800-733-2607; Ages 2 to 5.

All Safe On Board by Mig Holder. Follow these colorful characters as they board the ark for a huge adventure. $10.99; Candle Books; 800-733-2607; Ages 5 to 10.

The Parable of Two Builders by Melody Carlson. Introduce kids to a modern retelling of the two buildersand their choices. $9.99; ZonderKidz; 800-727-3480; Ages 4 to 6.

America's Promise by Alma Powell. Learn about a special place just for kids in this friendly neighborhood. $15.99; HarperCollins Publishers; Ages 4 to 7.

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier. Kids discover the life and purpose of Martin Luther. $12.99; Concordia Publishing House; 800-325-3040; Ages 7 to 10.

PageLand: A Story About Love and Sharing and Working Together by David Hutchens. Enter a fantasy world where the characters cause trouble until they learn to work together. $14.99; Broadman & Holman Publishers; 800-448-8032; Ages 7 to 12.

My Life as a Prickly Porcupine From Pluto by Bill Myers. McDoogle tells a small lie that leads to real whoppers-will he ever stop lying? $5.99; Tommy Nelson; 800-933-9673; Ages 10 to 12.

Two Sides to Everything by Deb Brammer. Will Josh ever fit into his new school, new country, and new life? $7.49; Journey Forth; 800-845-5731; Ages 9 to 12.

Rescue in the Mayan Jungle by Karla Warkentin. Travel through time to discover the Mayan jungle and the dangers within. $6.99; FaithKidz; 800-323-7543; Ages 10 to 12.

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