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Family Nights a Go-Go

On the Go-Go

On your mark, get set, and go-go with these ideas for the day of your event.

The Starting Block-As families arrive, have supplies for them to each decorate a family footprint that represents their interests or personalities, such as fish for a dad who enjoys fishing or happy faces for a daughter who's the family comedian. When they're done, have families place their footprints on a "Families on the Go-Go" display.
Marching Together-Families will recreate the account from Joshua 6 of how Joshua led the people of Israel as they marched around the walls of Jericho. Have families join together to march around a tower of cardboard boxes set up in your event area. As families march, have them shout, "One!" up to "Six!" for each time they circle the boxes. On the seventh time around, tell families to make trumpet noises as they march, and then have the youngest member of each family approach the wall to topple the boxes down after they shout, "Seven!" Remind families that the walls went down because God honored Joshua's commitment to follow God's instructions. In the same way, we can commit and follow through to make an impact in our community.
Fuel Up-Set up these stations where families can interact with other families and your community organization as they learn to live out a commitment to service.

  • Build Awareness-Allow the organization you've partnered with to share ways families can partner with them. Encourage the organization to offer opportunities for families to sign up immediately.
  • Race Day Energy-As part of admission to your family event, ask families to bring supplies to make trail mix, such as toasted oats cereal, M&M's candies, raisins, cheese-flavored crackers, or chocolate chips. At this station families can help assemble small bags of this energizing snack to hand out to participants when they complete the race course.
  • Encouragement Boost-Have families write notes of encouragement to people who work and volunteer with the organization you're partnering with.
  • Getting to Know You-Create a People Bingo game, where family members gather initials from those who match the bingo square description. If it's a match, people sign the square.
  • You'll need 20 squares on your sheet with a different description in each square. To make this even more impactful, have some of the squares fit the charitable organization. For example, if it's an adoption agency, you might have one of your squares read, "I was adopted or I know someone who was adopted." Other squares could include "likes pizza," "ate cereal this morning," "brushes teeth twice a day," and so on. Be creative and have older people help young children fill their cards.
  • Snack Station-Serve foot-shaped cookies and fruit punch. Set out supplies such as icing, flavored cream cheese, candy sprinkles, licorice strips, and raisins for people to decorate one cookie for themselves and one to leave on a cookie exchange table.

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