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Finger Play: Shhh!

Lead preschoolers in the words and motions to this Christmas finger play.
"Shhh!" mooed the cow all cinnamon brown, (Put finger to lips.)
"Come to our stable, come bow down!" (Fold hands.)

"Shhh!" baaed the sheep so shaggy and white, (Put finger to lips.)
"A baby's been born in our stable tonight." (Lay head on hands.)

"Shhh!" cooed the dove a way up high, (Put finger to lips.)
"Listen to the mother's sweet lullaby." (Cup hand around ear.)

"Shhh!" said the mother as she sang to her son, (Put finger to lips.)
"Praise be to God! A Savior has come!" (Rock hands as though holding a baby.)

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