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Foster Team Spirit With Logo Wear

Sue Kahawaii

Numerous studies have identified four distinct personality groups with the majority (more than 70 percent) categorized as socially extroverted. Social extroverts want to belong and want to be around other people. They like it when others accept them, and they like to be part of anything that allows them to group together. Take advantage of this inherent desire to belong by fostering team spirit through these simple methods. 

One way to do this is to have a team "brand" for your ministry. You can purchase customized T-shirts for as low as $5 each at a local print shop or online. Use your ministry logo on the front, and on the back have "Team Member" printed. Require all of your team members to wear the shirts when serving. Not only do the shirts make it easy to identify who the team members are in rooms, check-in areas, or hallways, but these shirts are also a walking advertisement for your ministry. The biggest benefit comes from volunteers themselves feeling like they're part of a special team. Seeing others wearing the shirts forges an instant bond and connection.
T-shirts are also a great way to identify unapproved adults. In many churches, parents visit kids' rooms or remain in the room with their child. Knowing that only approved volunteers are wearing the official team shirts helps keep the roles of parents, observers, and team members clearly distinct. 

Tips for Logo Wear

  • Have shirts available for the new volunteers at the orientation meeting. 
  • To cover the costs of the shirts, you can charge a nominal fee. The small profit might establish a fund to provide free shirts for those who genuinely can't afford to buy their own.
  • Have shirts printed in different colors, but with the same logo and design, for youth volunteers. You'll be capitalizing on youth's desire to belong, and colored shirts are an easy way to identify how many adult volunteers and youth volunteers are in a room. 
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