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Game: Musical Coins


Whenever our kids are preparing to sing for our congregation, this is an enjoyable rehearsal game.

Form two teams. Send one person from each team out of your room. Have a child hide a coin in the classroom, leaving one-fourth of it visible. The remaining team members must know where the coin is hidden.

Bring the two children back in and have them search for the coin. While they search, have the rest of the class sing a hymn or chorus. Each team will guide its teammate to the coin by singing. The kids' singing should be soft when their team's searcher is far from the coin and loud when their searcher is near the coin.

You can also use this game to help children better understand the parable of the lost coin from Luke 15.

Variation: Have children use body motions, such as stretching arms, standing up, sitting down, and turning around at different speeds for the "cold/hot" signals.

Lois Knobloch
Tinley Park, IllinoisSubscribetoday

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