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Game: Summer Splash


This is guaranteed to be a splash with the kids!

Form teams and have each team line up. Give each team a paper cup. Have team members each run to a central water basin, fill up their cup, put it on their head, run back without touching the cup with their hands, and pour the remaining contents (if any) into a team jar.

After kids are drenched and everyone has had a turn, *ask: How would you like to carry water every day from a water source to your house?

*Say: In many countries, carrying water isn't a game. People have to carry water on their heads just to have enough water for their daily needs.

*Ask: What are modern conveniences we can be thankful for in our country? Why do you think God allowed you to be born here instead of in a less-developed country? What obligations do we have to people who are less fortunate?

Read aloud 1 John 3:16-18. Close in prayer, asking God to show kids ways to help people who are less fortunate.

Brian Mason
Glen Allen, Virginia


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