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Game: Treasure Seekers

Form four teams and designate one child in each team as the "Seeker." Give each team a candy cane, and have each team use a nonverbal signal to communicate with their teammates, such as clapping, snapping fingers, or stomping feet.

Have each team's Seeker leave the room. Remove all tripping obstacles from the room by clearing the floor. Then have each team hide its candy cane in the room.

Bring the Seekers back in and blindfold each one. Have the Seekers move around the room. Whenever a team's player gets close to its candy cane, the team members use their nonverbal signal to communicate loudly. No one can talk. As a Seeker moves farther away, the team signals quietly. Play until all the Seekers find the candy canes.

Afterward, ask: How were our Seekers able to find the candy canes when they couldn't see? How could the Seekers have found the candy canes if their teammates hadn't helped? How does Jesus help us in the same way that the teams helped the Seekers?

Pray: Dear God, thank you for the birth of your son Jesus. Thank you that he came into this world to guide us to you. Amen.

For grades 2 to 6.

Michael Capps
East Flat Rock, North Carolina


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