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Handle-With-Care Fudge

Serves 1

Theme: Love

Verses to Devour: Matthew 19:13-14

Supplies: a chocolate graham cracker, a resealable plastic sandwich bag, chocolate syrup, a teaspoon, and napkins.

What to Do: Place one whole chocolate graham cracker inside a resealable plastic bag. Release the excess air; then seal the bag. Crush the graham cracker into fine crumbs with your hands. Open the bag, and add two teaspoons of chocolate syrup. Seal the bag. "Handle with care" as you knead the ingredients in the bag until they form a ball of "fudge." Open the bag, and enjoy your Handle-With-Care Fudge.

What to Say: When everyone has made a bag of fudge, read aloud Matthew 19:13-14.

Ask: Why did Jesus want children to come to him? How can you handle others with care this week?

Say: We're all important to Jesus, and he especially loves children. Let's say a prayer of thanks for Jesus' love.

Pray: Dear Lord, thank you for loving us. And thank you for letting us know how precious children are to you. We love you, too. Amen.

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