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Have a Heart

Reader Submitted

February means Valentine's Day -- a great time to help children share God's love with others! Here are fun, fast, and meaningful ways to share God's love in your classroom with fun craft projects.

*Make coming into class fun. Cover the outside of your door with red or white paper. Have the children cut out heart shapes of all sizes and tape them to the door. Add the words "GOD IS LOVE" at the top. Put photographs of each child on a different heart to surprise them when they return next Sunday.

*Add a growing tree of hearts in your classroom. Put a tree branch in a container filled with small rocks or marbles. Provide paper to cut hearts from, then punch holes and thread a pipe cleaner through the holes to hang on the tree branches. Have kids write one way God has loved them during the week on a different heart and add it to the tree. Once the tree is finished, celebrate what a loving God we have.

By Debbie Trafton O'Neal

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