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Age-Level Insights - Problems

Jody Capehart


Children this age are very sensory-oriented. They solve problems by interacting with all of their senses simultaneously. They also learn by imitating. One-year-olds are highly curious and want to explore everything. Two-year-olds assert their independence. Children at this age have short attention spans.


Give children age-appropriate items to touch, smell, taste and listen to. Prepare the room so that children can move freely to learn and solve problems. Allow children to solve their own problems by giving them choices. Don't say "no" all the time. Model problem-solving techniques for children to imitate. For example, if two children want the same toy, have them choose to take turns or play with similar toys. Maintain the same routine but vary the activities.

AGE: 1 to 2 years

Jody Capehart is an author and a Christian education consultant and speaker in Texas.

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