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Icy Connections

ice1Preteens love playing these cool games as they learn about being trustworthy messengers of God's Word.

  • Snow Sculptures-Form groups of five and have preteens build sculptures in the snow to represent their favorite Bible story, such as Daniel in the lion's den or Noah's ark. (If you don't have snow, use shredded paper on a plastic tarp.)
  • Igloo Building-Lay out a tarp in a large room and provide a bag of ice cubes for each group of four. Then give preteens 10 minutes to create a unique igloo.
  • Melting Race-Form pairs and give an ice cube to each twosome to try to melt as quickly as possible. Give the winning pair a box of Hot Tamales candy.
  • John 3:16-Form groups of five and provide a bag of ice cubes for each group. Have preteens read the Scripture, then each write one word in ice that summarizes what it means to them. After your icy activities, read aloud Proverbs 25:13. Talk about how beautiful snow is after it falls or how refreshing ice is on a hot summer day. Then remind kids what a powerful impact they can make at school and in their communities for Jesus when others can trust them to share God's truths.

Mary Davis
Montrose, Iowa

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