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Cover0111Jan./Feb. 2011

>>From the Editor: 2010 was hard. Okay, maybe just the last nine months. I bet you can relate. One thing that's true of those of us in children's ministry is that we're extremely passionate, visionary, idealistic, and, at times, crazy. We say "yes" to too much. We overcommit. We work too many hours. Yep, we're crazy at times.
by Christine Yount Jones

>>Going Nowhere Fast: Without careful planning -- and evaluation -- the growth of your ministry will likely go nowhere fast. Chances are, you'll stall out in the same spot a year from now. Check out these expert tips to keep your program on the move.
by Christiaan VandenHeuvel

>>Kids Pastor or Circus Master: Stop being a ringleader! Take off your top hat and let someone else tame your ministry's time-sucking "lions" so you can shepherd children. As dramatic as all this sounds, I'm far from alone. Every children's minister eventually faces similar issues. So how can we keep the main thing--shepherding young hearts--the main thing?
by Marty Martin

>>NextGen Ministry: Cradle to College: NextGen ministry embraces this broadened perspective. Simply put, it's ministry to multiple age groups who are the next generation. It involves a strategic plan for young people from cradle to college, with measurable goals and clear objectives for each age. Discover the whys and hows of running a ministry that works for the entire family
by Megan Lacefield

>>Worth the Risk: More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. You may not feel like that describes you in your children's ministry, but the truth is that with every risk you take to lead your ministry in innovation, you're heroic! And in the last year, you've been leading the way to reinvent your children's ministry to be even more effective in reaching children. Check out what else our exclusive research reveals.

>>And much more...

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