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cm_0712coverIn This Issue of Children's Ministry Magazine: May/June 2013

button_green FEATURES

Lower Your Nets for Volunteers
Discover w

hat ministry veteran Sue Kahawaii knows about raising a net-full of volunteers.

4 Social Media Blunders
What's okay-and what's not-to share, upload, and post about you and your ministry.

Your Biggest Problems-Solved!
We asked for your biggest problems in ministry (confidentially, of course!)-now we've got expert advice that'll turn your frown
upside down!

Top Drawer Dads
The founders of Top Drawer Dads open up about what dads today are doing right-and how your ministry can partner with them.

Rx For Kids' Toxic Stress
What to do with society's latest ill-chronically stressed-out kids who suffer from high levels of anxiety.

Next-Level Safety
Here's the latest on what you need to know and do to keep your ministry a safe haven for kids.

The Great Camp In
17 camp-like experiences for kids to explore God's Word
this summer.

button_orange AGE-LEVEL INSIGHTS

Birth to 2
Creation bottles, come out Jonah, new parent know-how, plus more.

Ages 3 to 5
Mother's Day flowers, prodigal son puppets, helping challenging children thrive, plus more.

Ages 6 to 9
Bloomin' bookmarks, grudges hurt, blow-out birthdays, plus more.

Ages 10 to 12
Hula bowl, father figure quiver, rev up for summer impact, plus more.

button_pink IDEAS

Reaching Out
Kids Hope USA, freedom prayers, poster outreach.

Family Ministry
My way or the highway, remembering Memorial Day, FaithWeaver NOW.

Special Needs
Master the summer un-routine, "lifeguards" to the rescue, Safety Slims.

Discipline Q&A
Fun environments, group sizes during vacations, preteen swearing.

Leading Volunteers
Who's your Plan B, thank-you mugs, expert tips for leading volunteers, plus more.

>>And much more...

Chrisyj _85x 85From the Editor:

Winning! I love it!

Ask people who know me and they'll tell you I'm one of the most competitive people in the world. I want to be the first! Have the most! Do the best! Win! Win! Win!

But sometimes I'm the last, have the least, and do the worst. (Or at least it feels that way.) And in those times, something wells up inside of me that isn't very attractive or nice or even Christian for that matter.

Over the years, God has given me wisdom to keep my competitive spirit in check and to allow him to remove the need to see others as a competitive threat-especially when they're not. But I'm still very aware of my propensity to size up people in terms of whether I can beat them. Sick, I know.

Tell me you know what I mean. Maybe you don't do it with individuals, but do you ever do it with the church down the street? You know the one-multimillion dollar budget, state-of-the-art facility, traffic cops on Sunday mornings. You drive by it on your way to a church where you wonder if any families will even show up or whether the families you now have won't be attracted to the big, bad wolf of a church down the street.

Ahem. I mean the church down the street-just another (big) part of the body of Christ-not your competitor. Right?

I'll share with you the best advice I get when I'm in competitive mode. It's from my friend and our publisher Tim Gilmour: "Look once and then look away. Keep your eyes on what you do best and do it the best you can!"

It's good to know what others are doing, but staying focused on that doesn't make us better at what we do. The best thing we can all do is be true to God's calling for us, discover what our unique DNA is, and then work with our whole heart to be our best.

After all, when we're shaking our fist at our competitor (or God) for the results they're having, we're forgetting that it's the Lord of the Harvest who determines whether we bear fruit 30- or 100-fold. We're called to be faithful; the results are up to God.

We're all on God's winning team! Never forget who your real enemy is-not the church down the street. And celebrate this with all your brothers and sisters in God's family: "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!"

Win! Win! Win!

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