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In This Issue of Children's Ministry Magazine: May/June 2011

Cover0511>>From the Editor: When I took on new responsibilities several years ago, I experienced those unsettling moments when everything wasn't working the way I thought they should. And my poor husband would get an earful on our nightly walks. Finally, he told me, "You need to understand that 30 percent of your job is going to be icky -- and just accept it."
by Christine Yount Jones

>>From Goo-Goo to Google
Statistics paint a picture of digital saturation in childhood. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids spend an average of five hours and 29 minutes per day using media. Explore how to connect with the tech-savvy kids in your ministry --  and discover what they need from you.
by Matt Guevara

>>A New Perspective
Ministry involves the mountain-top experiences -- helping parents through crisis, seeing kids' lives forever changed, and being there for moments when a child "gets it" in Sunday school or VBS. But ministry also involves valley experiences -- criticism, irritations, interruptions, complaints, and things that are just downright unpleasant. Discover a whole new way to see the parts of your job that, well...just stink.
by Lee Sparks

>>A Few Good "KidMen"
Jesus enlisted men and women who wouldn't shrink at anything -- not even service in the nursery. Not even coping with a frustrated preschooler. Not even facing a firing squad of preteen questions. And yet more than 2,000 years after Jesus called those first 12 men to follow him, it's tough for children's ministers to convince a sufficient number of men to follow Jesus into children's ministry. Check out a few practical, innovative ways to BEEF UP the male presence on your kidmin team.
by Matt Gergeni

>>Camp Can-Do
If a lack of resources has you looking at a list of "summer can'ts," we've got a lot of "cans" for you! We've created three super-fun, super faith-filled themes you can use this summer with kids -- without worry over time or money. Stay right in town and give your kids amazing, camp-like memories -- all on a shoestring budget.
by Courtney Walsh

>>And much more...

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