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In This Issue Nov Dec 2012

cm_0712coverIn This Issue of Children's Ministry Magazine: November/December 2012

button_green FEATURES

A Life, Changed
Never doubt that what you do makes a difference.
Listen to how these adults' lives were changed-thanks to a children's ministry leader just like you.

R.E.A.L. Impact
Discover the keys to unlock vibrant faith for children.

Faith, Funnies, & Chili Dogs
The Skit Guys have turned their comedy prowess into an even more powerful message for God.

Flame Out
Spot the 4 hidden signals that burnout is near-and how to stop it before it starts.

Dear Tech Guru
Easy and affordable solutions for your tech challenges.

Christmas Countdown
Don't miss these 4 unforgettable weeks of experiences that build on kids' excitement for Christmas!

button_orange AGE-LEVEL INSIGHTS

Birth to 2
Animal song, gratitude action rhyme, how to soothe babies, Nativity playset, plus more.

Ages 3 to 5
Thank-you prayer, Match the Baby game, safety tips, plus more.

Ages 6 to 9
Recognizing God's voice, star of Bethlehem, kids reaching kids, plus more.

Ages 10 to 12
Connecting kids, fruit of the spirit, trusting God, plus more.

button_pink IDEAS

Reaching Out
Countdown to Christmas, caring baskets, stocked-up stockings.

Family Ministry
Celebrating family milestones, miniature Advent wreaths, instant family devotions.

Special Needs
Preteen inclusion strategies, tips for prayer, an adaptive Eucharist kit.

Discipline Q&A
Possible abuse, crying toddler, an off-key preteen.

Leading Volunteers
Team building, Nativity devotion, 10 simple appreciations, accurate background checks, plus more.

>>And much more...


Chrisyj _85x 85From the Editor:

Every Sunday morning with our 2-year-olds, we cover the Scripture in our Bible Time and show them pictures. But to be honest, I often wonder what long-term impact that has on these little ones. Other than letting them know that the Bible is God's special book and we love to learn from God, I don't know if they'll remember that this Sunday we talked about Abram and Lot's disagreement over the land and livestock.

There are other lessons we try to teach them. As they color their page or eat their snack or go out to the playground, we talk about how much we love them and that we're glad they've come to church. We repeat that we love coming to church and church is a good place. Important lessons.

No matter what we do, though, we always sing "Jesus Loves Me." Some of them know it (okay, maybe one) and very few follow along with the motions until we get to "he is strong" (big muscles!). But I don't care. It's not about how many are involved in that moment. To me, it's about getting the most profound theological truths into my 2-year- olds' hearts and minds.

The faith foundation I want our little ones to have fits neatly into that one wonderful and simple song-"Jesus Loves Me."

"Jesus loves me this I know" If these children were to go through life feeling unloved and rejected, they'd face a lifetime of hurt. Instead, they'll know that Jesus loves them unconditionally and forever-no matter what they'll face!

"For the Bible tells me so" Soon these little ones will encounter a culture that's full of relativism and political correctness that can confuse their faith. This little song gives them the foundation that the Bible-the Word of God-is the authoritative truth for their lives.

"Little ones to him belong" Experts say that belonging comes before believing. I want these children to know that they belong to the One who loves them and died for them.

"They are weak but he is strong" I love that this song captures that God is both good and strong-a very important truth for little ones to know.

Jesus loves the little children! He loves Carson and Casey and Lydia and Brady and Naomi and Zyan and Parker…and so many more.

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