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In This Issue Nov_Dec_2010

Nov./Dec. 2010

CM1110Cover>>From the Editor: Are you depending on the power of the almighty God--or, are you looking to the world to find answers to your ministry challenges?
by Christine Yount Jones

>>All in the Family: Get the inside scoop on the top 3 family ministry models--and discover which one is right for your church.
Larry Shallenberger

>>Sexual Purity: Children need moral guidance now more than ever. Discover Bible-based, parent-approved ways to positively address this important topic.
by Tracy Carpenter and Stephanie Martin

>>The Tough Road of Ministry: When ministry freels like a rugged back road, let your sense of humor guide you.
Craig Jutila

>>Thou Shall Not Steal: You may call it borrowing, but you're breaking the law. Learn the truth behind copyright laws.
by Jennifer Hooks

>>20 to Watch--Emerging Kidmin Leaders: Meet Children's Ministry Magazine's picks for the 20 most influential and impacting voices that are emerging in children's ministry today!

>>How Kids Learn Best: Learning is not a beeline through the lesson plan--as once believed. Discover the new way to teach kids.
by Ali Thompson and Christine Yount Jones

>>Preteen Possibilities: The preteen years are like no other. Discover the unique faith-development challenges and opportunities for fourth-through sixth-graders-and how your ministry can respond.
by Nick Diliberto

>>And much more...

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