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Sept./Oct. 2010

CM0910>>From the Editor: What makes someone heroic in children's ministry--not just on a national level but on a local level?
by Christine Yount Jones

>>Danger, Family Ministry: If we're not careful, there are pitfalls to family ministry that may threaten effective ministry to children.
by Timothy Paul Jones

>>Discipline by Design: Essential strategies for positive, proactive classroom management.
by Jody Capehart

>>Recruiting that Works: In a recruiting rut? Join our conversation with veteran recruiters to discover their secrets for effective recruiting that stands the test of time!
by Jennifer Buell

>>The Top 20--Leading the Way: Meet Children's Ministry Magazine's picks for the 20 most influential and impacting voices in children's ministry today!

>>Fabulous Fall: 9 ideas to make this your most amazing fall for families, children, and your entire church.
by Sue Kahawaii, Adam Walsh, and Courtney Walsh

>>Growing Seasons: What you need to know about how children grow spiritually at each stage and how best to reach them.

>>Heart Matters: Learning that what we see as failures in our ministry may actually be God's plan in action.
by Debbie Granberry

>>Olympic-Sized Faith: Meet a silver-medal Olympian with a gold-plated ambition to help kids know Jesus.
by Emily Springfield

>>And much more...

In our next issue: The top children's ministers to watch over the next 20 years!

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