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Independence Day Craft: Firecrackers

Children's Ministry Magazine

A fun and shining way to show Jesus' love on Independence Day that will lead your kids' imagination to explode.

You'll need: toilet paper rolls, various colors of long, metallic paper strips, star stickers, glitter, glue, construction paper, and scissors.

Tell kids to:

  • Decorate the toilet paper roll with stickers, glitter, and construction paper.
  • Cut out a circle of construction paper big enough to cover the bottom of the toilet paper roll. Glue or staple the circle to your paper roll.
  • Fill the paper roll with long, metallic paper that dangles out the open end.

Talk Teaser: How is God's love like or unlike a firecracker? Once you've experienced God's love, what do you want to do with it? (Read aloud Matthew 5:16.) What are things we can do to shine bright like fireworks with Jesus' love?

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