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Independence Day: Free at Last

Children's Ministry Magazine

Teach your kids about real freedom -- freedom from sin and how to avoid letting it weigh them down -- on Independence Day.

Theme: Independence Day

Text: Romans 6:18

Preparation: Place a couple of bricks in a shoe box and seal the lid. The box should be light enough for children to lift but heavy enough that they won't want to hold it more than a minute.

The Message: As we're talking today, I'd like you to pass around this box. When you get it, stand and hold it in front of you as long as you can. When you get tired, pass it on. (Don't let kids rest the box on their legs.)

Why do we celebrate Independence Day? What does it mean to be free? How are we free? Are we free to litter? Are we free to call people names?

(Read the Scripture.)

What does it mean to be free from sin? As Christians, we believe that people get weighed down with sin but that we're free from sin if we believe in Jesus. (Take the box from the child currently holding it.) How is holding this box like not being free from sin? How did you feel when you could pass it on and be free of it? How's that like being free from sin?

Once we're free from sin, how do we use that freedom? The Bible says we become slaves to goodness. We have to do good! We're free to worship and love God, and to love and help others, without the weight of bad things.


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