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Knock, Knock. Who's There? Jesus!

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The Bible says that someone is knocking at the door. Read Revelation 3:20-21 to find out who it is. Then, use this craft with an individual child or a whole class to bring the message to life.

Age Group: elementary-aged kids

Simple Supplies: You'll need a Bible, poster board, and markers.

  1. Cut a 4x12-inch rectangle from poster board.
  2. Cut two slits like a cross near one end of the rectangle (but don't cut all the way to the edges.)
  3. Now write the words of Revelation 3:20 on it as a reminder that Jesus is knocking at the door.

And guess what? Jesus is knocking on everybody's door! You can use your doorknob hanger to spread the word of Revelation 3:20 with your church family or neighbors. Individual kids can bake cookies with the help of an adult, and deliver them with the doorknob hanger to a neighbor's door. Groups can make a whole bunch of doorknob hangers and hang them on every door at church.

This project was taken from Group's Hand's On Bible. Kids can read this New Testament packed with activities and experiences that bring Scripture to life. Crafts, science experiments, humor, family devotions, questions and answers, an individual reading plan, and more, make the Hands On Bible a one-of-a-kind tool designed to help kid's do God's Word.


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